Friday, September 17, 2010

Connectify 2.1, Beta 4

All right, it is time for us to serve up another fresh beta release of Connectify, available here:

Changes from Beta 3:

  • Support for Windows 7 Starter Edition
  • Support for sharing VPN connections
  • Update the Internet connection combo box sooner when connections change. Seems that at least some of the confusion about 3G cards in the last beta is that you need to connect your 3G card before starting Connectify to be able to share it, which should be clearer now, as you should reliably see the 3G whenever it's connected, and not when it isn't
  • Support for computers that have "bridged" their Ethernet and Wi-Fi devices. Note that you cannot bridge the Virtual Wi-Fi adapter to another device. This is a Microsoft-imposed restriction
  • New, easy "Report Problem" option on the menu to report a problem and send your logs to our technical support. Makes it much easier for you to reach out to us when you have a problem, it automatically includes all the technical details that we might want to ask you about
  • A number of performance and stability improvements
  • Added the source code to the modified ManagedWifi library that we're using. Under the installation directory, it's in the "source" subdirectory
Now the not-so-fantastic-news: Many of the complaints about the last beta have turned out to be related to Atheros' Windows 7 Wi-Fi drivers. A number of people with Atheros cards have complained of the Network and Sharing Center hanging, Windows not shutting down, or even the occasional blue screen of death. We finally managed to reach someone at Atheros... they now have the crash files and test code to reproduce the problems, so hopefully they can quickly identify and fix their issues.

So, if you have any problems, just go the menu and click "Submit Error Report", and if you're like to discuss the software or have ideas to improve it, join us on our Facebook page at