Thursday, June 23, 2011

Introducing Connectify Pro v3.0 Beta!

New Connectify 3.0 Beta 3 (Public) Installer and FREE Two-Week License: 

*please complete the beta survey once you've assessed the latest beta*

Connectify is a Windows 7 application that turns your laptop or home computer into a real Wi-Fi hotspot to share the Internet with friends, co-workers, and mobile devices.

Starting with Connectify version 3.0, we are pleased to announce our very first, value-added premium offering, Connectify Pro. The Pro version builds on the Connectify architecture, and offers support for automatically selecting Internet connections, scanning your network for services such as shared drives, and using PPIP wireless cards (such as Gobi-based cards).

Connectify Pro v3.0.0.20285 Features:
  • Automatic Internet Selection: Connectify intelligently chooses which Internet connection to share! When set to “Automatic,” Connectify automatically detects your active Internet connection and makes necessary configuration changes to your hotspot.

  • Service Discovery:  In the all-new Services tab, Connectify will automatically scan your network for available shared folders or drives, web servers, and other remote services and provide you with options to easily connect.  
  • Support for PPIP and Qualcomm Gobi cards:  Connectify Pro now supports sharing Internet from Qualcomm Gobi based 3G cards.
  • No Advertising
 New Features in both Free and Pro versions:
  • Faster performance:  30% higher throughput when sharing fast Internet connections.
  • Improved Device Identification: Improved detection of XBox 360s and certain Motorola devices.
  • Completely new UPnP implementation:  Improved performance, no spurious warnings.  Fully tested with Xbox 360 (PlayStation 3 sees Connectify as Type 3 NAT. This issue is expected to be resolved in an upcoming Beta).
  • All new tabbed User Interface
  • Intelligent warnings when hotspot starts without Internet Connection (New in this Beta)
  • Resizable User Interface: grab the top or bottom and resize UI to preferred height. (New in this Beta)
  • New, clearer Status Area across top of UI. (New in this Beta)
  • Easily access the Connectify Menu by clicking on logo next to the Start / Stop button. (New in this Beta)
Fixes and Updates:  
  • Service startup on boot
  • Support for multi-monitor setups where the taskbar is not on the primary monitor.
  • Fixes to UPnP and fragmented packet handling to improve gaming and streaming video over Connectify. (New in this Beta)
  • New algorithm for choosing IP address of hotspot improves compatibility with iOS devices. (New in this Beta)
  • Uninstaller now requests error report. (New in this Beta)
  • New About screen thanks all open-source projects utilized by Connectify. (New in this Beta)
  • Users that are experiencing Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) issues, are encouraged to follow the steps outlined below, as Microsoft has issued two hot-fixes for related issues.  One of the fixes has been included in Service Pack 1, and the other was not, so users must download and install both separately.

    To get the up-to-date fixes from Microsoft:
1. Install Windows 7, Service Pack 1.  Here are Microsoft's instruction on how to check if you already have it, and how to install if you don't: