Thursday, December 9, 2010

Connectify Saves the Day!

“The Internet’s down, eh? Productivity oughta skyrocket today.”

That’s what Alex quipped, half-jokingly, as he walked into our offices early last week. The truth is, beyond being a company formed around cutting-edge networking solutions, everyone here is pretty technology-obsessed, and so much of our day happens in “the cloud.” Suffice it to say, there was some acrobatic thumb-twiddling happening that morning.

It’s not that we were really blind-sided by the situation, either. We’re in the process of moving into our shiny new office, and even the contractors warned us that our ISP is notorious for mucking up change-of-service requests. To their credit, our DSL provider did get the day right… they just scheduled us a month early!

Never taking things laying down, the Connectify team leapt into action.

While I sat at my desk, cluelessly alternating between Steve Winwood hold-music, and speaking with yet another “manager” on our ISP’s tech-support line, the brilliant folks here at Connectify managed to use our own product to transform one employee’s Cricket wireless broadband modem, into a secure wi-fi hotspot. For two days, our entire staff [across two lofted floors and 3+ rooms, mind you] successfully connected to a single 3G broadband card!

Crisis averted.

Posted by Raj