Monday, June 28, 2010

Connectify 2.0.1 Released!

Connectify 2.0.1 was released today, which adds two new features, and several bug fixes.

In particular:
  • Windows Service: Connectify now runs as a Windows Service, instead of as a task under Task Scheduler. This should not only resolve some installation errors, but allow you use to use the Services control panel in Windows to stop and start the service, when it's not needed. Additionally, this means that the access point can be run while no one is logged on, either because they have logged off or because the machine just booted. If the Access Point was running when the machine shut down, then it will automatically start again when it boots.
  • Manufacturer Icons: Now have icons and automatic recognition for over 100 device manufacturers. Includes the PlayStation, B&N Nook, and many many more devices.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Installation issues: When needed, increment the number of allowed filter drivers to resolve issues seen by users with many virtual machines and VPNs; no longer require the Visual C++ Redistributable libraries.
    • Other issues: Make sure that the PlayStation firewall ports are always open; changed our local domain from "connectify.local" to "connectify" as some implementations of ZeroConf/Avahi/Rendezvous were getting confused; make sure that your Wi-Fi network name shows up in the Network and Sharing Center (instead of the "Unidentified Network" that appeared with 2.0.0). 
There is still a known issue with Internet connections that act as "PPP Devices" in Windows. This includes certain tethered cell phones and WAN devices. Fixing this issue is now our top priority, but the other fixes and improvements were worth releasing despite this issue.

To download the latest version go to

Thanks again for your support!