Friday, March 5, 2010

Connectify 1.2 Beta Available

We just uploaded a beta pre-release of Connectify 1.2 (version, to be exact). This is an almost finished build of the software to get more feedback before we launch.

It's available for download at:

Feature include:
  • Improved Ad Hoc Support: By popular demand, Ad Hoc now supports "Open" (no encryption) mode, and works properly even when no Internet connection is available.
  • Connectify Easy Setup Wizard: Connectify gets even easier to start with thanks to our new simple to use wizard walks you through your first setup of your network, and helps explain the process and options.
  • Improved User Interface: The Connectify window stays visible until you minimize it (so you can keep it up to watch devices connect, if you desire), and there are improved messages and tool tips throughout the program.
  • More Statistics: The tool tip on the Clients now reveal even more information: how many times the device has connected, the total time that they've been connected, and their MAC addresses.
Hopefully, this will be a short beta, so download it today, and use it for a day or two and tell us what you think by either shooting an email to support at or by posting to our Facebook page.

Thank you.