Wednesday, February 3, 2010

iPhone + Connectify revisited

In my last post, I blogged about apps for the iPhone that work well with Connectify. I learned enough from the feedback (thank you, all!) that I feel obliged to go back and revise my list of free, must have applications:
     Logitech Touch Mouse - I'm going to replace my SnatchTest recommendation with Logitech's free TouchMouse application, which is available in the iTunes store. It not only turns your iPhone or Touch into a trackpad with three buttons, but also includes an onscreen keyboard.

    It's got a simple, easy to use design. Touch Mouse is a very slick way to control the home entertainment computer, without getting off the couch (Netflix anyone?).

    MyPoint: This free app turns your iPhone / Touch into a remote control specifically for MS Power Point. It's a graphical presentation remote that shows thumbnails of the current and upcoming slides, and lets you graphically flip through the show.

    It's a lot like Apple's iTune Remote in that it shows what a powerful, integrated remote control program can do, if you're willing to be specific for a single application. 

    Both of these programs require you to run Apple Bonjour on your PC (which you are if you installed iTunes at any point), and to install a small program on your PC to act as a middleman. Instructions for each can be found after you find them in the iTunes store.

    The half of our staff that didn't have iPhones have all purchased new Droid phones in the last two weeks, so I will be moving on to taking a good look at what Android + Connectify can do for you next. If you're already using them together, please drop a comment and tell me how.